Genetic Engineering Essay

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Hello, write 5 pages about Genetic Engineering

Most of your written must be from reading the book.pdf file, other than that I will get a very low grades. So please if you won’t read everything don’t bid for my assignment.

This will deal with issues related to biotechnology and cloning. This technology offers both hope and dangers for society. The following pages in your textbook provide great background and some of the social and ethical issues associated with these technologies ( pp. 189 – 244). For this assignment, you must write a 5 pages position paper to illustrate your views on biotechnology and/or cloning. Be sure to provide me with a reference page (this will not count towards your 5 pages requirement)
Let me give you some examples of what could be done:

It could be illustrated how these technologies may help in the decline of species or help to solve food production problems.
You can take a positive perspective or a negative perspective on this technology (be sure to illustrate why).
One could illustrate why certain technologies should be investigated and possibly adopted, while others would be off limits.
It could be illustrated why these technologies offer hope for human survival.
You could illustrate how these technologies can be used to bring back former species that have been lost (negative and positive consequences)
Or you could illustrate how this technology could be used to limit human diseases and suffering.

The above list is only a few suggestions, but many more possibilities exist.

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