How to solve an Organizational Problem

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Unit 3 Assignment

Review of Literature Research Paper – Focus on the Authors (3-4 pages)

to draw from the lessons learned in your previous MSM courses and apply the
knowledge you have gained from specific texts, readings, and annotated
bibliographies in writing and expanding your Review of Literature paper.

following are some of the possible overarching management competencies that
could be used in decision making as you address a specific organizational
problem. It is crucial that effective decision making is conducted in an
ethical manner that yields a positive social impact.

The relevance of
theories of individual behavior to professional practice

Value of collaboration
as a management practice

Interpersonal skills to
problems of professional practice

High-performance team
leadership and participation

Managerial ethics and
corporate responsibility

Role of leadership on
organizational culture

Employee diversity

Developmental actions in
areas critical to your success as a manager

Integrate the categories
of managerial communication with personal style

Personal conflict
management style

Personal coaching

Evaluate personal
conflict management style

Your multicultural

Appreciative Inquiry

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