Juvenile Justice.

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Gary is a seven-year-old child who has been taken into custody for the murder of two schoolmates with the handgun of his mother’s boyfriend. Gary has been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and his mother is currently a heavy drinker and drug user. The police have been to Gary’s apartment several times because Gary’s mother’s boyfriend is frequently violent toward both of them, and Gary was once removed for over a month to live with his grandmother. Since kindergarten, Gary has shown slow progress and poor social skills. He never does homework, frequently fights with other children, and is known to be a bully. He is old enough to be adjudicated delinquent according to the laws of his state.

  • What factors of Gary’s behavior seem to be caused by parental abuse or neglect? Name all that seem to apply.
  • Should Gary be punished or treated for his apparent social and psychological problems? What would be an appropriate disposition for Gary?
  • Should his parents be punished for their role in creating his behavior problems? Why or why not? If you answered yes, to what extent?

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