research paper about biological/physical anthropology.

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This is a research paper assignment is a 5-8 page (1200 to 2000 words) research paper on a
topic of your choosing, as long as it pertains to biological/physical anthropology. You will be responsible for finding at least 3 journal articles that are related to your topic
of interest and using their content to support your paper. As this is an academic paper sources
must be academic peer-reviewed journals, which means no blogs, no wikipedia, no newspapers
(yes this includes National Geographic and Smithsonian). Some books may be acceptable, but I
would advise against their use, as it may be hard to ferret out what would work and what will
lose you points. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, evolutionary theory, primatology,
paleopathology, human skeletal biology, genetic studies, forensics, etc.

All the details is on the files that i already posted. Please read carefully about those two pdf.files.

thank you very much

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