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P3 Assignment: Topic Responses

Directions: Your answers to the following questions
are considered formal responses and should be written in APA format
with in-text citations and a reference page. Each response should be
200-350 words.You may include all responses in one paper but clearly
separate and label your responses.

Part 1
Re-read Focus on Practice Free Cash Flow at Cisco Systems. Answer
the question posed in the article, “What are some possible ways that
corporate accountants might be able to change their earnings to portray a
more favorable earnings statement?

Part 2
Read the Ethical Problem (P4-21). Answer the question posed in the problem.
The SEC is trying to get companies to notify the investment community
more quickly when a “material change” will affect their forthcoming
financial results. In what sense might a financial manager be seen as
“more ethical” if he or she follows this directive and issues a press
release indicating that sales will not be as high as previously

Part 3
Respond to the questions in the statement below:
How can a manager influence the budgeting process and ensuing budgetary
numbers in unethical ways? Are there ways to identify and control this
type of behavior?

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