Achilles tendinopathy

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injury Achilles tendinopathy

Part 1: (1-2 pages typed, double-spaced)

  1. Skim the chapter(s) above, and pick 1 injury (from the chapters above). Then, describe in your own words: (15 pts)
    1. Anatomy of the region affected
    2. Cause of the condition/injury, also known as mechanism of injury
    3. Signs and symptoms of the condition/injury
    4. Care of the condition/injury
  2. Find a current article or news video discussing a professional athlete who has sustained the injury you picked. Provide a WORKING link or pdf attachment of the article or video. Write a short, one paragraph response relating the article or video to what you learned from the chapter about the injury. (5 pts)

Part 2: (1/2 -1 page typed, double-spaced) (10 pts)

  1. We reviewed Chapters 4, 5 and 6 this week which reviewed prevention, nutrition and protective equipment. Find online: one preventative exercise, nutritional intervention or piece of protective equipment which could help prevent the injury you chose in Part 1 above. Post a working link, screenshot or pdf showing your prevention intervention.
  2. Write a short, one paragraph response discussing how your prevention intervention would help someone avoid your injury from Part 1!

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