Agrumentative poem

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Study Andrew Marvell’s great poem “To His Coy Mistress.”

You can earn up to 10 points for completing this assignment. Grade will be based on quality and reflected in your gradebook.

Evaluate the reliability of his argument. Assume that you are the
mistress, and you know that the definition of RELIABILITY . e.g. when we
believe something is sufficiently true (See Unit 5) to believe it or
act upon it, the argument is RELIABLE. In a couple of paragraphs (or
more–do an full Argumentative theme if you are a great student) analyze
the reliability of the narrator’s argument. Take a stand!! No wishy
washy judgements.

1. Identify the Thesis (It is the first sentence in the third stanza. Pls rephrase it in simpler English).

2. What are the main supporting points, e.g. the Topic Sentences–here you will have to summarize them.

3. Identify the Evidence

4. Identify any fallacies that you see in the narrator’s
argument–any circular arguments, black and white, misuse of analogy or
other fallacies?

Note: I would do this early to learn about logic, but you may turn
it in until the penultimate day of the quarter. This is, in truth, a
very explicit poem, though that may not be seen at your first reading.
Unit 10 might also be helpful. When we evaluate a poem, we ask “Who is
the Speaker and what is the occasion,” and then we evaluate imagery,
sound, and structure. This poem is a wonderful example of argument.

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