Assignment: Marketing Function Audit, business and finance homework help

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Submit a 2- to 3-page marketing function audit, using the following numbered items as headings for your analysis. You should include the scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from your annotated bibliography (Week 1 Assignment), as well as others you located, to support your assertions as to the significance of the marketing function audit, as well as other scholarly literature to help you gain insights into any of the major issues you identify for your selected company. Please Note: When the questions result in a simple affirmative or negative answer, please elaborate on how you reached your conclusion.

  1. Products
    • What are the company’s product line objectives?
    • What areas of product and brand strategy need improvement?
  2. Price
    • What are the company’s pricing objectives, policies, strategies, and procedures?
  3. Distribution
    • What are the company’s distribution objectives and strategies?
    • Is there adequate market coverage and service?
  4. Integrated Marketing Communications
    • What are the organization’s advertising objectives?
    • Are the advertising media well chosen?
    • Is there effective and sufficient use of sales promotion tools such as samples, coupons, displays, and sales contests?
    • How is the company using direct, online, and database marketing?

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