Biblical interpretation essay

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This week we will define biblical interpretation and introduce the
basic features of a biblical hermeneutic and process. I suggest you
start your course reading as soon as possible. The assignment will
help you understand the various features of the interpretive process
through a helpful diagram.

The syllabus recently had a few changes and this assignment is one
that needs some clarification. Please follow these steps:

1) Download “Isaiah 6 Example for Module 1 Assignment”
in the Resources>Add-Ons folder.

2) On a separate document fill in the various aspects of this chart
for one of the
following chapters:

a. Deuteronomy 28

b. Hebrews 10

c. James 4

3) Reproduce the chart you downloaded and, in your own words, label
and explain each box/step.

4) Select the passage you analyzed (Deut 28, Heb 10, or James 4) and
write a 500-750 word paper covering these questions:

a. Describe the speaker and the message. How was the message presented?

b. Provide a thorough exegesis on the passage. We will cover this
process through the class, but in other words, carefully go through
the meaning of the passage. Draw out the meaning of the text and how
it is applicable today.

c. Explain the nature and role of the interpreter in the exegetical process.

5) Complete the assignment per APA guidelines.

6) Upload the assignment in the Assignment folder and the Turnitin folder.

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