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Load this spreadsheet (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for use in all the questions on this assignment. The size of the spreadsheet is 25MB so allow several (5) minutes for it to load. Please be patient.

_ Your spreadsheet has over 200,000 rows of data. This is not possible to analyze without summarizing it. Pivot Tables in Excel are a perfect tool for quickly making different summaries of the data.

Create a pivot table in your large spreadsheet using sheet detail as input to show sales in dollars by flavor by year. Rename the sheet on which the Pivot Table was created to the name ProdYear. Then save the spreadsheet.

– Add a new column to the right of the table on sheet detail. Name the column fatcontent. In the cell in the second row of that column, place a VLOOKUP that will retrieve the Fat Content from sheet attr.

– Add one more column at the far right of sheet detail. This will be on column to the right of the fatcontent column that you added previously. In row two of that new collumn, place a VLOOKUP that will retrieve a column of data from sheet attr. You pick the column to retrieve based on what you would like to analyze in later questions.

– Insert another Pivot Table into your spreadsheet using sheet detail as the input. This time show sales dollars by Year and fatcontent. Name the new pivotsheet FatYear. Save the spreadsheet.

– And now the last Pivot Table. Look at all the columns on sheet detail. Decide what you want to analyze. Create a Pivot Table to help you with this analysis. Rename the sheet created to MINE. Save the spreadsheet

After you finish, Answer this Questions in Word file in few sentences ( copy the Q and answer it )

1- What did you learn from the ProdYear pivot table. Which flavor sold the most? What did you notice in the table that was interesting? If you were running this store, what might you do to sell more yogurt?

2- What did you notice in the FatYear pivot table that was interesting? Are there any trends over time?

3- Explain why you created the MINE Pivot Table the way you did, what you hoped to learn from it and what you actually learned from it.

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