Book review of A People’s History of the Second World War: Resistance Versus Empire by Donny Gluckstein

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Write a book review on A People’s History of the Second World War: Resistance versus Empire by Donny Gluckstein , between 1200-1750 words in length.

review should have at least two goals: First, to describe the content
of the book, and second, to provide a critical evaluation that gives
your thoughts of the book’s quality.

Your introduction should include a thesis statement: What was the book about, and what is your critical opinion. (Hint:
When I write, sometimes, I am unclear as to what my thesis is until I
have written the the paper. It can work to write (or at least revise)
your introduction after the rest of your paper is finished).

not spend more than one-third (total) of the paper summarizing the
book. The summary should consist of a discussion and highlights of the
major arguments, features, trends, concepts, themes, ideas, and
characteristics of the book. While you may use direct quotes from the
book (make sure you always give the page number), such quotes should
never be the bulk of the summary. Much of your grade will depend on how
well you describe and explain the material in your own words.

your paper, interspersed with the summary, I want you to provide a
critique of the book. Demonstrate that you know the author’s argument,
that you understand the evidence he provides, and discuss why you find
the argument compelling (or not).

Book can be found in PDF form on:

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