Computer Ethics (Project Title is “Social Media(Privacy)”

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My research paper topic is about Social Media(Privacy)

COMP4001- P01
Computer Ethics

Research Project

Fall 2017


1. Report
2. Presentation in Class


Phase 1: Writing Report

  1. 1) Choose an ethical topic for computing from the list below or other issue related to
    the course. Upload your topic and at least three major resources (links) to
    Ecourses. Due – September 28, 2017 4 pm (MY ETHICAL TOPIC IS “SOCIAL MEDIA(PRIVACY) number one is already submitted!!!
  2. 2) Conduct literature search about the topic (textbook, articles, web site, case
    studies, etc.) and digest the information then write a report about the topic **BOOK REQUIRED** -> “Ethics for the Information Age”(7th Edition)
  3. 3) Things to be submitted and important date:
    o A research paper in pdf format
    o Pages 8-10 (including the references); 1.5 line space; 12 pt font size;
    Times New Roman

    o Address the importance of the topic, background, several case studies
    (three or more)
    , discussion & conclusion and references o Report Due – October 18th, 4 pm

Phase 2: Presentation(POWERPOINT)

  1. 1) Make slides based on your report (about 10-12 slides)
  2. 2) Make presentation (10-12 minutes including Q&A)

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