critical thinking response

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Respond to the following in 150 words:
Please use one scholarly source and write in APA format

According to Bailin, Case, Coombs, J. & Daniels, there are six elements of critical thinking. Defining the dilemma is just that. What exactly are we trying to solve and why is it important? Examining electives covers the options one has in solving the problem. Considering consequences take a look at the potential outcomes and the potential cost of each. Investigating importance covers the ethical side of the problem. Values and principals are taken into consideration. Deciding direction is where the best decision is made based on the evidence. Finally, evaluating ends involves considering the effectiveness of the solution and measuring success.

A good argumentative article I found was on Global Warming and was written by Larry Bell on the arguments of Global Warming. The problem he states is there is an extreme variation on the perspective of global warming that is being exploited by researchers and scientist. The reason I feel the article is strong is because it is fact based with little emotion. The problem is clearly stated, and the importance of having everyone on the same page is covered. There is a great deal of fact based evidence throughout the article and the ethics of the writer are professionally shown. Overall the writer makes an easily agreeable point that more research must be conducted before either side REALLY has an argument.

An essay I found that represents poor critical thinking is called “Argument Paper” written by Bonnie Fellhoelter. The basis of the paper is that it is best for children to be raised by stay at home moms. The author argues that there are many reasons a mother should stay at home with her children, such as curbing aggression, teaching independence, to prevent family suffrage. I felt this essay was weak for many reasons. First of all it strictly emotion based. The author only gives her opinion and there is no real fact based information to back it up. Also, it is completely one sided. At no points does she look at the benefits of a working mom. I did not feel she used any critical thinking in the creation of this essay, rather just gave her opinion.

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