CRM Complaints

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Read the following white paper entitled, “The Customer Complaints X-Ray.”

Conventional wisdom suggests that 91% of people don’t complain. They prefer to obtain their revenge by not buying from a company that has provided an inferior product or service. They simply go quietly into the night, never to be heard from again. They have a passive power and they know it.

Respond fully to each of the questions below:

  1. As a CRM representative how do you convey the value of customer complaints to your organization? Some firms believe that complaints reflect negatively on the employee, the manager or the company and therefore may discourage staff from recording or being open to complaints?
  2. How might complaints actually strengthen the relationship between the customer and the organization?
  3. Share a personal experience that you have had regarding a complaint. Was it positive or negative? How would you have handled it differently if you were the customer service representative?

Please follow the guidelines in this syllabus for written assignments. This project is worth 10 percent of your final grade. Points will be awarded as follows:

1. Degree to which you explain and discuss the process of changing the corporate culture as it relates to complaints (0-20 points)

2. Discussion of how complaints might strengthen the relationship between the organization and the customer (0-40 points)

3. Discussion of your personal experience with a complaint (0-20 points)

4. Submission requirements met (see general guidelines for written projects). (0-20 points)

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