D’Leon Inc, management homework help

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Kindly find the following and also a file in the attachment.

D’Leon Inc.,

D’Leon Inc., is a regional snack foods producer, after an expansion program. D’Leon had increased plant capacity and undertaken a major marketing campaign in an attempt to “go national.” Thus far, sales have not been up to the forecasted level, costs have been higher than were projected, and a large loss occurred in 2014 rather than the expected profit. As a result, its managers, directors, and investors are concerned about the firm’s survival.

Donna Jamison was brought in as assistant to Fred Campo, D’Leon’s chairman, who had the task of getting the company back into a sound financial position. D’Leon’s 2013 and 2014 balance sheets and income statements, together with projections for 2015, are given in Tables IC 4.1 and IC 4.2. In addition, Table IC 4.3 gives the company’s 2013 and 2014 financial ratios, together with industry average data. The 2015 projected financial statement data represent Jamison’s and Campo’s best guess for 2015 results, assuming that some new financing is arranged to get the company “over the hump.”

Jamison examined monthly data for 2014 (not given in the case), and she detected an improving pattern during the year. Monthly sales were rising, costs were falling, and large losses in the early months had turned to a small profit by December. Thus, the annual data look somewhat worse than final monthly data. Also, it appears to be taking longer for the advertising program to get the message out, for the new sales offices to generate sales, and for the new manufacturing facilities to operate efficiently. In other words, the lags between spending money and deriving benefits were longer than D’Leon’s managers had anticipated. For these reasons, Jamison and Campo see hope for the company—provided it can survive in the short run.

Jamison must prepare an analysis of where the company is now, what it must do to regain its financial health, and what actions should be taken. Your assignment is to help her answer the questions included in the attached file. The data to be used for calculations is also included in the same file . Provide clear explanations, not yes or no answers.

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