Effective and Healthy Strategies

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We don’t always choose healthy coping strategies when it comes to dealing with stress. For example, substance abuse would be seen as an unhealthy example of emotion-focused coping. It may make someone feel better at first, but in the long run it probably won’t be effective. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol in the face of stress, but there are typically healthier alternatives.

For this discussion, let’s share some effective and healthy strategies with one another. Describe an example from your life (or someone you know), in which you engaged in problem-focused coping and/or emotion-focused coping to deal with a stressor. Be sure to identify what the stressor was and which type of coping strategy is being described (e.g., problem- and/or emotion-focused).

Initial posts should be 50 words, minimum, and must identify the strategy as problem- and/or emotion-focused coping.

Textbook link if necessary:


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