Expos 5 pages final draft writing

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Reading: Robert Thurman, “Wisdom”

Question for Writing:What are the social and/or political implications of Thurman’s argument? How would the cultivation of “wistom” as he describes it affect people in a competitive, consumption-oriented society like our own?

Remember: ***1. your discussion should make an original claim which addresses the question directly. Be sure your reader understand what your main claim is by the end of your first paragraph(also called thesis or argument)

****2. including 3 body paragraph. needs topic sentence and choose one quotes for each body paragraph, to advance and support your discussion.

3. do not spend the whole essay summarizing human and his ideas about the cultivation of wisdom. Respond to his ideas.

Questions for thinking: How might cultivation of wisdom influence the current political climate? What might the results be? Would we be less adversarial? Less driven by rigid ideas and ideologies? What about our consumerism? Would we stop buying so much stuff we don’t need? Would we be more focused on giving? Compassion? How might this play out on a big- picture level?

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