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the word file attached:

Page 1-8 is what you have already revised. So this part is good, does not need to work on this part.

page 9 is the outline you made, so please use this outline to continue work on the paper. (which means from page 8, then work on “literature review” and all the way to “conclusion”. PLEASE make sure you cover everything from the outline.)

page 10 is the courses you used for the previous part(page 1-8) and the outline.

*The paper topic is still “”How do men and women communicate differently using body language and why does it matter in workplaces””

*Since the outline will be totally transformed into paper so the outline will not be in the final done version.

*please create table of content. (follow this: cover page as p1, table of content as p2, abstract as p3… etc.)
* I also have the abstract you created attached in the second word file

*Not counting the already existed 8 page paper, I think you should create another 15-20 pages.

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