Health Issues in Uganda

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Within public health, understanding the global health impact on a country outside of the United States can help us understand what is happening within our own communities.

As a public health professional, you may be working within a global health setting. You will be compiling a report on a country of your choice that is classified as either low income or lower-middle income.

For this assignment:

  1. General Discussion:
    1. Select a low-income or lower middle-income country. Why did you select this country?
    2. Discuss background information, such as the size of the population, education, economy, and poverty levels for the country.
    3. What is the country’s health system, and what percentage of the population is covered?
    4. Determine the major health issues in the country and why you think they have become health issues.
  2. Analysis:
    1. Evaluate the main causes of mortality and the contributing factors in the country.
    2. Assess how culture has played a role in the leading causes of death, and how health behavior is affected by culture.

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