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answer the following questions, for the short write needs to be 2 paragraph long each, essay questions needs to be at least 3 paragraphs. please answer them specifically and with strong proof.

History 21: American History from 1870


1. Since 1865, various individuals and groups in the United States have sought to

define what the Civil War meant (and means) by remembering it in different

ways. In this short answer, discuss how the changing and competing significance

of Decoration Days and Memorial Day reflects the way varied groups in the US

have wanted to memorialize the war.

2. Explain how violence, war, and discrimination characterized interactions in the

Industrializing West.

3. In what ways did working- and middle-class women resist efforts at domesticity in

the new urban spaces of the early 20th century?

4. Why did some Americans support acquiring an American empire in 1898 (especially

in the Philippines), and why did some oppose the war for imperial control over the


5. Explain how the Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 grew out of the post-World

War I environment, and analyze its effect on the composition of the American

population. How were immigration restriction efforts related to the isolationist

movement and its opposition to America’s involvement in the League of Nations?

6. The rise of the advertising industry propelled the growth of a consumer society in the

early 1900s. How did new forms of advertising encourage Americans, especially

women, to be active consumers?


1. The US had a wave of immigration to the West after the Civil War and another large

wave of immigration from 1890 to 1914. Describe the groups of immigrants coming

to the US in each wave, explain the changing governmental policies and social and

economic conditions that shaped these waves, and analyze the treatment faced by

immigrants to the US.

2. How was lynching used to disempower African Americans, and what other methods

were used to maintain white supremacy at the turn of the twentieth century? How did

activists like Ida B. Wells, Booker T. Washington, and WEB Du Bois resist


3. The “Progressive movement” of the early 20th century addressed what many saw as

problems arising from the new industrial order. What were some of the specific

problems that the “Progressive movement” addressed, and what specific remedies

were attempted? [Hint: you may want to consider “problems” and attempted

“remedies” related to wealth, labor, immigration, race, gender, environment, imperial

expansion, and others.]

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