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How bad is it? What is the extent of Delinquency? How serious is delinquency in the United States today? Is it more serious than 10 or 20 years ago? In your opinion, does the media portray delinquency accurately – why or why not? Cite specific evidence in your answer-this is not simply an opinion question.


Writing Assignment: Pick your Topic

Choose from one of the following topics related to juvenile justice:

  1. Correction Populations
  2. Juvenile Courts
  3. UCR Arrest Data
  4. Risk Factors for Delinquency
  5. Gangs
  6. School Safety
  7. Bullying
  8. The Internet
  9. Female Juvenile Offenders
  10. Status Offenses
  11. Juveniles and Violent Crime
  12. Juveniles as Victims
  13. Child Abuse & Neglect
  14. Considerations in Corrections
  15. Prevention and Diversion Programs
  16. Juvenile Probation
  17. Juvenile Justice Around the World
  18. Theories of Causation
  19. Juveniles and the police
  20. The Future of Juvenile Justice

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