Law/421 Question

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Mary tells Liam and Mike that she will give them
$2,500 if they paint her house. Mary’s statements are overheard by Jane, Mary’s
neighbor. The next day while Mary is at work, she sees an ad by Bill’s painting
that states “Bill’s will paint your house for $1,500, satisfaction guaranteed or
your money back.” Mary calls’ Bill’s and arranges to have her house painted.
When Mary returns home, she finds Liam and Mike hard at work and her house half
painted. She screams at them to stop and orders them off her property. Bill’s
workers come the next day and paint the house. Liam and Mike come to you for
advice because Mary refuses to pay them.

Write a formal paper that addresses the

  • What claims might Liam and Mike have against

  • Who should win and why?

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