Practicum Final

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This project will be completed in 4 parts before the student submits the final capstone project: Topic: The student will begin an outline of the proposed problem/issue/project. The instructor will work closely with the student to guide progress. The student will identify and discuss a set of individualized practicum goals and student-specific clinical objectives with preceptor and faculty. Practicum objectives should be congruent with and complement the course objectives. Practicum objectives must be measurable and evaluated at the end of each clinical day. If objective is not met, it can be used in subsequent clinical day until it is met. Practicum objectives should reflect the level of competency and skill mastery the student would like to achieve by the end of the practicum. Specific practicum objectives should be sufficiently limited in number so that appropriate attention can be directed towards each. Typically, 2-3 objectives per practicum day are adequate. A method for evaluation of individual objectives should be planned and completed. An appropriate venue for presentation or implementation will be selected by the preceptor

Assignment 1 Practicum Project (Part I)

  • Introduction
  • Background and Significance
  • PICOT question(s)
  • Search Strategy

Assignment 2-A Practicum Project (Part IIA)

  • Evidence Matrix

Assignment 2-B Practicum Project (Part II-B)

  • Evidence Synthesis/Summary of evidence of problem

Assignment 3 Practicum Project (Part III)

  • Innovation/Intervention and Goals of Innovation/Intervention

Assignment 4 Practicum Project (Part IV)

  • Project Design, aims, sample, setting, implementation plan, sustainability, outcome measures, operational definitions, data source, data collection, analysis plan

Assignment 5 Final Capstone Project

Assignment 5-A Final Practicum Project Presentation

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