Reading Case Studies from Chapter 7 question 2 and Chapter 9 Q. 1 provided below.

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Chapter 7—Building the Case

  • Read Case Study 7 and respond to question 2
  • CASE: Pre-Launch Decisions which Influence Innovation Success
  • Q2 – What are the critical differences in the timing and positioning of successful versus unsuccessful innovations?

Chapter 9—Developing New Products and Services

  • Read Case Study 9 and respond to question 1
  • CASE: New Concept Development at Philips
  • Q1 – Identify the key stages in the development process, starting at the initial brief to the final selection of the three business cases.

Your response should be at least one page long and conform to APA Version 6 standards. If you have questions about APA Version 6 standards, refer to the Syllabus for instructions about accessing an APA tutorial.

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