Salient points (538), social science homework help

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Part I
Research Assignment: Read the attached White Paper by Kroll entitled “Protecting Corporate Secrets.” List and discuss “one” interesting fact and/or recommendation that a security professional should be familiar with or consider employing to protect organizational information.

Part II
Select “one” salient point from Chapters 6, 7 or 8 to relate to the class. Succinctly state the point and thoroughly explain why you thought your chosen point was important.

“Within chapter eight of Mendell’s text (2011), he makes a couple of excellent points regarding actions to take relating to a security staff. The first one involves testing the security team. As a security manager, I do not always take the time to test my security team. Mendell states, “Planting test documents and simulated contraband periodically will keep them on their toes” (2011, pg. 118)

Part III
Choose one of the end of chapter (6, 7 or 8) discussion questions to answer and present to the class.

Chapter 8 Question 1

  1. Debate the ethics of gathering intelligence internally against industrial espionage. What activities would be permissible? Under what circumstances would you do those activities? When would you search an employee’s desk, office, locker, computer, or even a motor vehicle?

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