Shake Shack opens a new location in Singapore, business and finance homework help

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1. Hypothesize that Shake Shack wants to open a new location in Singapore. Write an brief introduction of Shake Shack and the fast food industry in Singapore. Also, why does Shake shack want to open a location in Singapore. (150-200 words)

2. The mode of entry we choose is licensing. Write more about reasons listed below. If you want, you can write more reasons. (200 words)

a.The licensee puts up most of the capital necessary to get the overseas operation going. Thus, a primary advantage of licensing is that the firm does not have to bear the development costs and risks associated with opening a foreign market.

b. Shake Shack has opened many international locations, like the UK, Moscow and Japan using licensing model and made great success

3. Choosing licensing as the mode of entry, we decide that the partner in Singapore is QSR,which is the largest fast food operator in Malaysia and the second largest in Singapore. How you gonna cooperate with it? (100 words)

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS-Projections of future earnings via
pro-forma financial statements.
Please be specific that how you get the result like net income, earning per year or other things.

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