Weapons of Mass Destruction Final Paper

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each of the following and based on our readings this term, offer your perspective which is supported by a variety of academic material to give

your opinion more validity. Each essay should be 2 – 3 pages to address each of the 4 questions. This will be a total of 8-12 pages, plus your title

page and your references page. This will be submitted in one document with one title page and one references list. Be sure to make a clear

thesis statement and argument and use examples to support your analysis.

1. Hypothesize whether or not non-state actors are likely to use WMD.

2. Select one CBRN WMD agent and analyze the effect of that weapon on a projected target population.

3. Hypothesize on how to, from a proactive stance, protect against agro terrorism.

4. Prepare a threat assessment for one CBRN WMD agent that you select that you assess as being the most likely to occur.

The paper 8-12 pages total to
address all of the 4 questions, double spaced (cover and reference
pages are required). Appropriate writing requirements using APA 8
citations and compiling a complete Works Cited list in accordance with
the APA guidance are part of the requirement.

No abstract is required.

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