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QUESTION 1 -12 1200 words total for the assignment………3 scholarly sources……………#13 250 WORDS

Identify a process that you perform regularly to fulfill the objectives of your position. Trace and list the specific steps that make up the process below:

1. Give the Name of your Process and give 12 steps that make up your process

2. Step 1

Identify the major function of your division:

3. Step 2

Identify the closest partner divisions and their major function

Step 3:

Review the steps you listed on the Process Sequence form
and evaluate each step for any of the following actions.

4. ELIMINATE: Here, identify and list all steps that can be eliminated without reducing the overall effectiveness of the process.

5. COMBINE: In this space, identify and list any step(s) that can be combined to improve efficiency.

6. MODIFY: In this box, identify and list any step(s) the modification of which can improve overall efficiency.

7. ADD: Finally, list and briefly describe any step the addition of which can add value to the process (i.e. enhance product quality, reduce reworks, etc.).

8. Name of your organization:

9. Inputs + Processes = Outputs

Provide 3 inputs for you organization, provide the processes of your organization, and provide the outputs of your organization.

10. Resources:

Can your company acquire higher quality materials or find a more reliable or less expensive supplier. If so, list in the provided space.

11. Technology:

List any technology element (software or hardware) that holds potential to increase organizational productivity.

12. Effergy:

List and briefly describe any manual process currently performed by human labor that can be automated or should be outsourced.

DISCUSSION # 13 “Management is the proper utilization of resources to accomplish organizational goals (Nassar, 2007, p. 7.3).” While money and technology are critical resources, human beings are the most complex. How does your organization get the most out of human resources and achieve organizational goals? 250 WORDS

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