Analyze a situation where Human Resource Management either succeeded or failed in the hiring and training process

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FINAL PROJECT: Analyze a situation where a Human Resources Manager either succeeded or failed in the hiring and training process. This can be any situation you find interesting involving human resource management succeeding or failing in the hiring and training process.

Places to research and find the situation to analyze:

1. (Society for Human Resources Management)

2. Class text book: Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage, 9th edition by Noe, R. A, Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., & Wright

3. Http:// (Case Analysis)

Be sure to address ALL of the following components once you decide on the situation you’re choosing :

1. Brief background of the situation.

2. Identify the Human Resources Manager’s tactics

3. Identify the Human Resources action plan.

3. A summary of the Human Resources Manager’s perceived strategic plan.

HRM Strategic Plan: Planning is the process used by human resources managers to identify and select goals and courses of action for the organization.

The pattern of decisions and tactical action that human resources managers take to reach these goals…is their strategy.

4. An analysis of the success or failure.

5. The success or failure in ALL 4 of the following areas: Superior efficiency, Superior quality, Superior innovation, and Superior responsiveness from staff.

Functional strategies

Superior efficiency: the measure of outputs for an employee.

Superior quality: employee reliability to do the job they were designed for.

Superior innovation: creating new ways to motivate and train.

Superior responsiveness from staff: know the employee’s needs and fill them.

6. Conclusion

This is a final project for the term. 3-4 pages (Not including cover page or reference page) APA format… at least 3 references … use graph or chart to supplement your information.

Thank you for your help in completing this assignment!

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