Discussion For Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and Law Class

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Hello, my class name is Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and Law.

I just have a discussion that need you to help me.

The request is:

Instructions: From the 7 questions below, please choose 3 questions to answer completely.

  1. Evaluate the argument for and against consumer protection within markets
  2. What is meant by the contractual view of the manufacturers duties to consumers
  3. Describe the “due care” view of the above
  4. Describe the social cost view of question two. What are the criticisms of the social cost.
  5. Discuss the social costs of advertising.
  6. What are some business efforts to respect the right to privacy?
  7. Review “Reducing Debt at Credit Solutions of America” and answer the case questions.

The format that I need is Question 1:

Answer 1:

Question 2:

Answer 2:

Question 3:

Answer 3:

Please give it to me on time. Thank you~

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