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Please reply to both 1 and 2 shorter responses

1. As mention in the original discussion, sampling is a major way to collect data, and there are different sampling methods.

One sampling method is probability. Probability sampling method is sampling technique, in which is unbiased and gives all the members of the population has a pre-specified and an equal chance to be a part of the sample (Surbhi, 2016). This technique is based on the randomization principle, where it guarantees that each and every individual of the population has an equal selection opportunity. As a result, this helps to reduce the possibility of bias.

Moreover, the sampling bias related to this method is nonprobability. Nonprobability sampling is a sampling that is based on bias and avoids giving an equal opportunity of becoming a part of the sample to all individuals of the universe (Surbhi, 2016). Also, the sampling bias could impact the validity and generalizability of data analysis results, as well as the business decision making because of its judgment, purposive sampling, and assumption that the characteristics are evenly distributed within the population. Therefore, by selecting the probability sampling method is believe that any sample so selected would represent the whole population and the results drawn would be accurate.


Sampling bias is a method of collecting data. These methods involve varying ways of collecting data such as; self-selection bias, simple or stratified random sampling (Lane, 2018).

One example of sampling bias is self-selection bias. Self-selection bias is a method in which an ‘ad’ or an option is given to potential candidates. The recipient of this option, can decided if they’d like to participate or not, if the person chooses to do so – then they will be used in the sample. This method can ensure the people involved in the sample are diverse or random.

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