do the requirement

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read the file word that I attach it and do the requirement


You attend a conference and you meet a lot of people and even exchange cards with many of them. However, when you get home, those cards go in a folder and you never follow up. What can be done to make it easier to connect and follow-up with the people you meet?

Your Business Idea:

Offer conference attendees a disposable wrist band; whenever you shake someone’s hand the bands recognize each other and exchange contact information. Later in an app, you can accept contacts or not; follow up or not.


Part 1:

For your assigned area, spend at least 20 minutes researching your topic online, searching for answers to the questions posed. Then post your findings on the discussion board (i.e., answer the questions) share your sources and tell us how confident you are that your findings are accurate/actionable.

Part 2:

Read your classmates contributions. Reflect on what you have learned. Then:

  • Explain one thing new or surprising that you have learned.
  • Explain one additional thing you would need to know before you moved forward with this business idea.

See attachment for your assignmen

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