Essay and presentation about banksy the artist.

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Using APA style Owl Purdue, write roughly 4 pages (1100 to 1300 words) for each essay.

Pick a specific genre of art and make an argument about how it may have the

power to influence people’s perceptions, beliefs, or concepts.

Feel free to select unconventional forms of art, such as Rap, Tattoos, or Graffiti.

How do the arts express beliefs? What forms of art are you drawn

towards? What is it about this music, this image, this movie that challenges or expresses some of your most fundamental beliefs about yourself, the world, or your place within it? Do you believe that the arts could change someone’s beliefs? Make an argument about an artistic movement that you think is especially important to you and to the world today. Add images/videos/music to your paper for this assignment along with your argument.

My Chosen topic: Banksy the mysterious artist. You can find his stuff all over the internet.

Last month he did something very controversial in bidding contest.

Please pay extreme attention to the rubric as I’ve gotten very bad grade in the last one. I need this to be perfect.

Presentation requirement: The topic of the paper and the presentation are

the same, they are conjoined. Conceptualize the Essay and Presentation as two different

aspects of the same assignment. Presentation Instructions For the presentation, you will give a

casual academic presentation of your paper to the class. The content of the presentation should reflect the main ideas of the paper.

Presentation materials must be submitted on Canvas.

Requirements are the following:

•Roughly 5 minutes(4-7 minutes)

•Minimum of 3 sources cited from the paper

•Casual tone

•A PowerPoint must be submitted to Canvas before presenting

-Must have a Title Slide

– Must Contain NO TEXT, the exception is the Title Slide and Works Cited slide

– No More than 5 slides

– Must have sources cited in APA style (include sources for graphics/images/photos used)

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