I need help answering 10 questions on a test I have for critical thinking class

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8 points


  • Match the explanation with the appropriate Key Term.

Characteristics of the low-performing student

Characteristics of the mixed-quality student

Characteristics of the high-performing student

Characteristics of the exemplary student

Assumptions of science

Point of view of history

Purpose of business

Inferences of psychology

Purpose of philosophy

Information of sociology


Data about human groups, including the characteristics they share and do not share


Looking at the past as something that can be understood through study and interpretation from many perspectives


Living a reflective and rational life


Judgements about the function or dysfunction of human behavior


Demonstrates clear reasoning and problem solving, but only inconsistently. Often resort to simple memorization of course material


Limited and superficial knowledge of the course material that fails to comprehend basic principles and concepts


Achieving maximum profit with minimal expenditure


Raises important questions and uses language to reveal significant insight


There are laws at work in the physical world that can be understood through systematic experimentation and observation


Consistently demonstrates clear reasoning and problem solving but sometimes lacks significant insight. Shows a commitment to critical thinking

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