investigating sexual selection

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Complete and click the link above to submit Lab 7

Have you ever wondered how it is you know a person is attractive? Humans from many cultures often agree about the universal qualities of attractiveness – we all know an attractive man or woman at a glance. But how? In this week’s lab, we will be investigating how sexual selection can apply to our own species. Download the lab instructions. You will need to submit a formal lab report this week. The report should be in a word document with a an introduction containing a description of the basic question and the premise (ie, what are the researchers testing with their facial averaging software?). You should summarize your findings in a series of data tables AND graphs. For example, you might include a bar graph comparing the average attractiveness of the sets of three faces you selected (less attractive, medium attractiveness, and very attractive) before and after averaging. Finally, you should summarize your findings in your lab report. Was the ‘averageness’ hypothesis supported?

Instructions for the lab and the lab report can be found in the attached document for this lab. Please download that document.

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