MGT425 Motivational Team Talk

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Motivational Team Talk

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the following resources:

For this assignment, you will think about a recent workplace challenge that impacted team motivation. You’ll then create both a slide presentation (Part 1) and a short paper (Part 2). The slide presentation will be designed to motivate the team to overcome the challenge they face. You’ll script the slides as if you are talking directly to the team. This exercise is useful to prepare you for future situations in which you may need to motivate a team. The short paper will provide you an opportunity to explain the rationale and scholarship behind your design for the slide presentation for the team.

Part 1: In your slide presentation, consider a recent workplace challenge that impacted team motivation, and

The Part 1: Motivational Team Talk presentation

Welcome to your Motivational Team Talk (Part 2) paper submission page!

Part 2: In your paper,

  • Discuss the recent workplace challenge that you are addressing in your slide presentation.
  • Analyze the potential causes for the impact to team motivation.
  • Identify how you used the three-step approach to create a pep talk in your presentation.
  • Evaluate three additional research-based strategies you could use to motivate the team.
  • Provide scholarly rationale for your each of your choices.

The Part 2: Motivational Team Talk paper

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