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Hi, you helped me with this essay probably one week ago. I just met with my professor and she wanted me to add a little more. I make the theme as people leaving a legacy, making a mark in history no matter if they done a good or bad thing, but they are easily remembered by the world. (Lincoln is remembered because he led the civil ward and abolished slavery, and Himmler is also remembered and known by us because of his terrible thing.)

1. Find four or five quotes from “our secret” and insert to paragraphs and make connection with the idea or theme of the paragraph (doesn’t have to be the five pieces you found before, it could be any quote from “our secret” that could make a connection.”

2. We going to keep Lincoln as the central figure, but add couple more paragraphs to talk about other people beside Abraham Lincoln, could be his opponent Jefferson Davis, and Lincoln’s general Ulysses Grant and other people that is related to Lincoln or effected by the civil war. but they should all connect to the theme: LEAVING A LEGACY.

Make any adjustment and edition if you want. but write it in a different color.

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