Organizational Dynamics – Research Article 4

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Please find the attached Chapters 10 and 11 covered during this week. You need to select any one topic out of these chapters and write a research article.

Please find the requirement of Research Article as follows:

Article Research Paper Requirements:

Here is the outline for your article reviews that will be submitted in a Turnitin link for weeks 1-5 Consider this an executive summary of your learnings so maximum length for this review is 2 & ½-3 pages. Your key leanings must relate to course theory for the week under consideration Practice your research skills by locating an article you believe is relevant for the chapter content that aligns with the course reading assignment for the week under review. Thought leaders are a great source of insight and our library is rich in additional resources to meet your academic needs.

Research Format:

1. Your Name

2. Title and source of article

3. Why you chose article?

4. What is the key strategic message in the article that would make us want to read article as it pertains to chapter content for the week under review?

5. What key strategic “Organization Dynamic Concept” from our text is reflected in this article?

These article reviews will test your research skills and the ability to integrate this research into course principles for a deeper appreciation of organization dynamics.

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