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Think of the topic that interests you or that you are thinking to pursue for your dissertation. After reading about 6 approaches to qualitative research, discuss 2 (out of 6) possible ways to explore this topic. Why would you choose this particular approach? Formulate 2 research questions (must be more focused and specific than the topic) to fit 2 specific approaches that you selected (one question for each of the 2 approaches). Please make sure that your research questions arequalitative in nature — must be open-ended and focus on one phenomena/concept, not on the relationship between two variables (see lecture in module #2, slide #6). Read and respond to 2 peer posts.

PLEASE NOTE that in this course you WILL NOT be doing an actual study on your own topics. We will leave your topics on the shelf for a while and revisit them in your last post. In the next 6 weeks we will cover the basics of qualitative inquiry and focus on data collection and analysis techniques while conducting a study on a shared topic as a group rather than pursuing your individual interests.

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