Question 3# In a food web metrics _____ e ‘–.___ there is one column i-H’y for each consumer ‘ i under study and one row for each studied

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Please provide explanation and working out. Thanks in advance.

Question 3# In a food web metrics _____ e ‘-—-.___there is one column i-H’yfor each consumer ‘ i "under study and onerow for each studiedresource (food item)for these consumers.Some consumersare food for otherconsumers. A 1 incolumn 0 row a" means0 consumes r. The web shownhas six consumersL,GH,H,R,M and S, and six resourcesL, CH, C} R? M and S. An arrow from X to Y means X is consumed by Y.[Arrows have opposite meanings compared to the lecture example). A Food Web In o Grassland Ecosystem With Five Possible Food Chains (a) Write out the food web matrix for this web:1 L OH H R M S b1 (b) Draw a niche overlap graph for this food web.[For this graph, two consumers are adjacent GHif and only if they share a resource] 03:13:15) Question 4# A relation R ; {1,2, 3, 4, 5}2 is defined by $123; 4:» e g y+3 3 2x.(a) Draw a digraph representing R. (b) Write out the incidence matrix @ (23> ’ C5) @Q9

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