Sphe405 Forum 2

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Pick one acute type of injury (there are examples in Chapter 3 of your text, but you are not limited to those–be creative and use an outside resource!) and address the following:

Step 1: Choose an acute injury and a sport/activity in which it can happen (do NOT pick an injury that someone else has already chosen–sports may be repeated with different injuries. INJURIES MAY NOT BE REPEATED) and start a message thread using that sport and injury as the title. For example, I might choose to describe lateral ankle sprains in soccer (“soccer lateral ankle sprain” would be the title of my message thread). You must use an outside resource as the foundation for your post; this can be a journal article, website, or other public video. Please create a new message in which you can post your initial post thread. Put the sport name and injury in the title of your post so your classmates do not repeat it. In the text box, describe how the injury occurs (MOI), the underlying anatomy and what happens to it, and how it would be treated with first aid. Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words long.

Step 2: Read your classmates’ posts and reply to at least two of them on their initial post threads. Your replies should be substantive and “improve” conversation. These two peer replies must each be at least 100 words long.

Step 3: If the instructor asks you a question in your initial post thread, a thoughtful reply is expected (and part of your forum grade). There is no word count expectation for these replies; the goal is to show reflection and application of the concepts being learned.

Examples: “lateral ankle sprain” and “medial ankle sprain” are DIFFERENT injuries; likewise, “ACL sprain” and “MCL sprain are DIFFERENT

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