Two assignment one is Analyzing the two article and other one is Hawthorne The Ministers Black Veil

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Hello everyone,

I have below assignment if some one is interesting please bid on it.

1. Analyze the attached two articles then write the one complete paragraph from 1st article and write the one complete paragraph from 2nd article. Finally conclude the both articles.

Total 2 paragraphs and 1 conclusion. (Type 600 to 650 words).

2. Analyze and answer of the questions in one paragraph from the Hawthorne “The Minister’s Black Veil” (Type 150 to 200 words).

What is the main theme of this work? What passage best represents this theme?

How does this work reflect the concept of Dark Romanticism?

What are important symbols in the work and what do they represent?

How does this reading reflect Hawthorne’s tendency to write ‘open-ended endings’?

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