Week 1 Task 8

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Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes posted by William Walker

I thought the information in the text concerning what can be taught through trainings to be interesting. In general when people think about training they usually envision the passing on of knowledge and skills. Knowledge encompasses the information that employees need, how the information is useful, and when to use this information. Using this reasoning knowledge can be divided into declarative, procedural, and strategic types. Skill refers to how proficient, quickly, or effectively an employee can make use of knowledge or tools to perform tasks. Some trainings that want to emphasize skill development may simply have employees practice a procedure repeatedly to build up their skill.

A final thing that can be passed on through training is attitude. In my experience attitude is one of the most difficult yet effective thing to pass on. Attitudes encompass the beliefs or opinions that an employee has concerning a subject or a behavior. What if you as a trainer are able to communicate knowledge and skills, but all of your employees have a bad attitude towards said knowledge and skills? The result is your whole training may be rendered useless. It is important for a training program to include efforts to motivate employees and help them feel positive towards the concepts being taught.

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