Write RNF of Steven Pinker’s article, write summary of Pinker’s article and write a response

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Question 1: Here attached is a RNF and an example of RNF. Please fill it out the RNF of Steven Pinker’s article. Thank you.

Question 2: The summary should be at least 500 words. Here attached is the instruction of writing a summary. Also, an example summary is attached.

Question 3:There are three readings assigned this week, the first two chapters from Sagan’s book and Steven Pinker’s article. Sagan is certainly more gentle and respectful of those with whom he disagrees than is Pinker, and certainly, his article may be off-putting for many. (A quick Google search will turn up a number of vociferous challenges to some of Pinker’s ideas.) Nonetheless, there seems to be a clear relationship among the ideas offered in the readings. How might Sagan’s lament about the state of literacy in this country and his fear at the potential loss of rights be related to Pinker’s suggestion that many of those in the humanities fear the intrusion of science into their knowledge silos? (This response should be at least 150 words.) Thank you and please send me ASAP.

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