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When responding to your peers’ posts, explain why you agree or disagree with their point of view. Then, consider the article Extraordinary Outsiders: The Makers Who Don’t Know They’re Artists . Do you think the creative process is good for the average person? Explain why or why not?

I agree with both authors on the value of humanities. The idea that our quality of life depends on our daily interactions with people around us is something I can relate to. At 39 years old I’ve been part of the workforce for 23 years and I have had many interactions with people, good and bad. Also, as a father of two boys ages 1 and 3, the interactions I have with those fellas can have a drastic impact on my day.

While I think Jaweed Kaleem’s article deals with a younger generation struggling with a “who am I?” question, his mention of hyperconnected-ness leading to the illusion of companionship makes sense (Kaleem, 2013). Social media and our electronic dependence is creating a group of people more interested with the lives of strangers than those around us. Humanities is a valuable study because it can help us understand one another and can possibly bridge the gap between the real world and the social media world.

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