External Financial Reports and Globalization, discussion help

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Read the discussion activity questions 1 through 3, then answer a through f. Remember to number the responses (A through F) as you answer them.

discussion activity questions

1. Choose a publicly traded global company that you think you might want to invest in some time in the future.

2. Search the Internet—including the company’s own website—for information about the company, and access its annual report.

3. Now post your response to the following (a through f) questions. Provide the website(Url) used below.

Now answer a through f below

a. In which geographical regions does the company operate?

b. What is the proportion of total sales represented by foreign sales? How has this changed over the past 5 to 10 years?

c. What efforts has the company recently undertaken to increase or decrease globalization (e.g., joint ventures, licensing agreements)?

d.What are the company’s hedging practices and policies?

e.Have any overseas activities been unsuccessful, discontinued, or resulted in asset losses? If so, what happened?

f. Overall, how aggressively do you feel this company is pursuing globalization?

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