News Reflection Paper

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News Paper:…

1-Specify the source information (title, author, newspaper or news magazine, date of publication) for
your news article and summarize the content of the article;

2-Specify at least two fields of psychology that your article content falls into and explain why it
relates to these fields. In your explanation, be sure to describe the nature of your two selected
fields in general and use specific content from the new article.

3-Explain in detail how your news event connects to at least THREE distinct course concepts,
theories, or research findings (you must use your textbook for these connections). Be sure that
you make your connections to specific—rather than more general—course concepts. For example,
conditioning is a general concept, operant conditioning is more specific, and negative
reinforcement is even more specific. The more specific you make your course concept
connections, the better. Also be sure to provide the page number from the text for the course
concepts you use in your paper. (Attached Below)

4-Explain why the topic you selected is interesting to you and important in general.

Please Please Please Follow the Guidelines as Provided.

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