Discussion Post and Reply

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1) In your POST: Present something you learned, thought was interesting and something you have a question about.

Only need 3-4 sentences to answer each question.

2) REPLY to TWO (2) other students.

About 60-70 words for each reply

Here are two post by other students to reply

Post of other students 1: I really enjoyed reading “Howl” and found it an extremely interesting and thought-provoking poem to read. There were a lot of different themes to consider, and the poem really provoked a lot of open-ended questions. I found Ginsberg’s usage of repetition to be interesting but effective in creating this intricate world of madness. I found it interesting that Ginsberg repeats the words “who” in I, “Moloch” in II, and “I’m with you in Rockland” in III, and it made me curious as to what made him choose those words specifically. The way Ginsberg portrayed the overall theme of madness, and the three “kinds” of madness that the character is going through was fascinating

Post of other students 2: I find this poem interesting but somewhat challenging to read, and it took me a while to comprehend every verse. The author has the creative way to use a word and create a different meaning out of it. There’s a lot of metaphor, and it will make you ask “what does he mean” by that sentence.

The use of “who” in almost every line of the poem is what intrigues me the most. To better understand it, I have read a little background about the poem Howl. Based on my understanding, Ginsberg uses “who” in many of the lines in the poem to designate the protagonists of the story. I believe these were his friends, acquaintances and literary associates. These protagonists in the story were represented as the “best minds” in the poem by Ginsberg.

They were the “best minds” for Ginsberg’s eyes because they were not included in the group that characterized the jingoistic, domestic and unthinking patriotism of the time. These civilians were able to think outside of these restraints. The hemogenic culture of America did not conquer their creative minds. Therefore, in Ginsberg’s mind, they were the best of citizens in a wayward government.

Here is the link to the poem “Howl”


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