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Directions: Find a news article about an active public issue,
and post a link to that
to this assignment. Then, write a paragraph that explains the following:

1) What’s the
subject of the issue?

2) What’s the
question that’s being debated?

3) Who argues
for what on this issue? The article you submit should include information about
all the different opinions people have, rather than presenting just one
viewpoint. To make sure of this, read the article to identify who it mentions
as arguing for different positions on the issue.

Remember that an
active public issue is a question that people are debating in a public forum, such
as the mass media. The article you link to this assignment must be from a news
source, not from an
organizational site or a group that summarizes debates, such
as procon.org.

Try looking at
the following news sites: foxnewscom, abc.com, msn.com, usatoday.com,
nytimes.com, cnn.com, nbcnews.com, cbsnews.com, latimes.com, miamiherald.com.

article should also be a news story, which is meant to inform readers about the
debate, rather than an opinion piece meant to argue for the writer’s opinion on
the issue.


Write a two-page editorial that gives your
opinion regarding an active public issue. Submit your editorial by attaching it
as a Word document to this assignment.

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