Human Factors and Design

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The human-centered approach is critical in clinical decision support system development, implementation, and utilization. Often the gap between developers and end users can affect clinical outcomes. Input from the end users during the design stage is essential in assuring positive health outcomes for patients. Using the case study on pages 104-108 in Chapter 5 of the Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective text discuss the application of Project IMPACT in the clinical setting.

  • Explain how the gap between developers and end users effects outcomes
  • Explain how you would change the design of the Clinical Decision Support System to address the concerns of the clinicians in this case study
  • The IMPACT database relies on critical care nurses to enter data into the system. An older nurse is struggling with inputting the data due to her advanced arthritis. What recommendations would you make to address the IMPACT user interface and ergonomics of the workplace to address the nurses’ data entry issue?
  • Design a new data input screen.
  • Create a mock screen utilizing any of the Microsoft products

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